May 28, 2009

Moving forward!

So after the email I sent last week, I was overwhelmed with joy at the amazing & supportive responses I got from everyone! So many words of wisdom, and I learned things about many of you I didn't know in regards to the fact that some of you have adopted your children, or have a sibling that was adopted, etc. One valuable and exciting bit of information came from my BFF's (Candice) Aunt Sherry. She told me about an agency out of Tulsa and shared with me about a couple she knew who had used them. Within a few hours of that email, I not only talked to the executive director at the agency, but Sherry had also put me in contact with the couple who had adopted using that agency, and I was able to speak to that lady for quite some time. It was so helpful and exciting! After updating Patrick on everything, we felt it was that 2nd agency we were looking for. (For those who don't know, we have applied with one agency, but they highly recommend you apply with two, so we had been searching for another agency.) To give you an idea, the agency we applied with out of Arkansas said they average 3 - 4 babies a year, and it could take 2 - 5 years for a placement. On the other hand, this other agency averages 36 babies a year, and they say it can take 20 minutes - 2 years for a placement! The 20 minutes story is kind of funny/crazy! Basically you have to submit a "Life Book" that's like a digital scrapbook, and that's how birth mothers select you. Well, one couple dropped their book off at the office, and immediately thereafter were selected by a birth mother!! Isn't that crazy?!

So let the games begin! :) We are very excited and feel like God has orchestrated these steps perfectly. So now it's time for me to get started on our Life Book! While it will be a lot of work, I'm actually excited and think it will be a neat keepsake and walk down memory lane for both Pat and I. More to come soon! :)

We're Adopting! :)

So for those of you who don't know yet, I sent out an email last week annoucing our big news that we're adopting! Here is an excerpt from the email:

In other exciting news, we have started the adoption process! This is something we have been praying about for awhile, and feel this is the direction the Lord is leading us right now. We have applied with a domestic agency in Arkansas and are in the early stages of the approval paperwork process. Once that and a few other things are completed, we will be added to a list of prospective families for birth mothers to choose from. They say the average wait time is 2 years, but since there isn't technically a "waiting list", the time frame can vary greatly. That being said, we are also praying and believing that God would direct us completely in this process, and are open to whatever He may bring our way. I have several friends who have adopted children by hearing of an opportunity through a mutual friend. We know that God already knows our baby and when/how we will be connected, so please join us in praying for direction and wisdom during this process, as well as any additional opportunities that may present themselves for a private adoption.

May 22, 2009

artichokes & test post

Mom, here are the artichokes I was telling you about. You like? For everyone else, these are my new decorating obsession. Saw them first in a high-end decor store that was ridiculously out of my budget. Then lo and behold, I stumbled across these yesterday at Hobby Lobby...color me giddy! :)

So I'm trying to send this from my phone. Blogger says if you just email it, it will post automatically. If this works, I certainly don't have an excuse for being a bad blogger anymore! We'll see... :)
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