April 10, 2009


So should I acknowledge the fact that it's been nearly 6 months since I posted an entry titled 'Slacking' proclaiming to be a better blogger? Ahem. Moving right along. I am here now for your torture viewing pleasure, so we will pretend none of that nonsense ever happened. Is that good with all of you? And by all of you, I mean my dear sister Becky, because she is the only who actually reads my blog. And I know she will be so irritated giddy with excitement that my blog is finally making it's new debut that she'll be able to move forward with ease.

But enough about that. I really don't ever have a lot to write about, so I think I will start using MamaKat's Writer's Workshop prompts. I'm off to check them out now. So everyone be sure to check back in later for an update! Oh, and if someone other than Becky reads this, leave me a comment...that always gives me the warm fuzzies. It's the simple things, my friend(s).
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